The Legendary 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

Pictured here with Jay Leno, the man with the best garage in LA. this is the legendary 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster. Notice the V’d spreader bar!

V'd Spreader bar

1932 Ford Highboy Roadster


This vehicle is undoubtedly the most iconic hot rod on planet earth. It’s stunning to see one in such good condition. I guess Leno doesn’t actually even own this vehicle, he had just borrowed it for an episode of his youtube show. Jay Leno’s garage. If any readers have seen these around please let me know I’de love to go see one in person if you are in my are uh-hum longshot yup i know…

Front shot 1932 Ford


This is what defined the stance and appearance elf what we know to be a hot rod tracking all the way back to what was likely one of the first three or so covers on hot rod magazine. That phot is of Bob Magee in front of USC. Something to note on this vehicle, there is NO FENDERS, an early predictor for recreations that were soon to follow and morph.


Another clear sign of things to come is the visible V tipped hood. If you fin a highboy without this signature V tip you’re not looking at the real thing or perhaps someone replaced the hood.

V Tipd hood


Something else that was pretty awesome about this vehicle and a unique trendsetter was hidden door hinges.


Can you just imagine stepping into one of these bad boy in 1932. JESUS just look at it!

1932 Highboy interior


It makes me think of all the different car types that were basically offshoots of this vehicle. Generations of low riders and sports vehicles perhaps partly influence by this very cars low stanza with the Z barring to keep it low to the ground. Simply a brilliant design, well ahead of it’s time and vehicle that absolutely had to be covered on my rod shop blog.

The wheels on this vehicle are beautiful. I think the first time I saw the design was on a mini john deer tractor model, they look almost plastic round mixed with high speed performance indy and race car tires of the time.

Who would have thought that this vehicle would have sparked the hot rod craze that’s been a huge part of all of our lives. I wish I could afford to restore one but I think I’ll have to settle for a framed pic on the wall…it certainly deserves a shrine in my garage.

Keep on keeping on,