I Won A Window Tinting Contest in Hamilton, Ontario

As the years go by, I have learned not to get my hopes up tossing my money into automobile contests. However, I lucked out and won a $100 full car window tinting voucher on Facebook the other day. A pleasant surprise that I am going to use to put a 45% Tint Shade on my Shelby GT500. The Hamilton Glass Experts Tint Contest was labelled #WinATint2016 on their social media accounts. I just got the message that I won yesterday and booked my spot for next Saturday after calling the owner. Honestly, I think they are giving away pretty much the same deal if you call 289-606-1726 and talk to them and just like their facebook page. Kind of funny after watching all this powerball talk in on television. People are driving themselves insane over such a low probability contest. When I spoke to the owner of the tint shop he said they still have about 30 vouchers left to giveaway on their facebook window tinting contest post. To be honest I would have scrolled right past is but the girl and the RX8 caught my eye.

Window tinting contest

Window Tinting Contest in Hamilton, Ontario (via Facebook)

So the plan is get that 45% on the Shelby, but I’m thinking about getting a few more exotic tints done on my hot rods. Perhaps, one of those red hue one to make my Chevy look a little more fierce? Or maybe I go with this ridiculous car wrap or affordable tint I don’t really know what to call it. I think it’s a similar film and they use a translucent film to create the graphic of Chewy and Hans Solo. Anybody else know how they get custom graphic tints on the back windshield?


I love it but I think it would get old kind of fact having this on your car windows. Sure would be fun for the kids though. Seeing as how this is on a mini-van I’m guessing that’s why. To the best of my knowledge there are three major window films used on cars. SLP, 3m, and Lumar or Lunmar (however you spell it) each has a bit more UV protection than the other. Which, at my age, I don;t care so much about UV rays. But I know some women that get their windows done just for this purpose. Next, I would think 3M would be the longest lasting one based on all the other products they put out there. They are known for their lifetime warranty so it wouldn’t surprise me if all their films come with that guarantee unless you’re going with some Jo Shmo off of Kijiji.  There are few other companies in Hamilton you can look at like ProTint, Skyline Reflections or NTD Window Tint. I’v ebeen happy with Hamilton glass Experts tho so take my advice! lol.

How I Chose Car Tint Shade

I went with a 45% 3m film. Which was a few extra bucks but worth it. I didn’t go with the intense new ceramic stuff that can almost stop bullets. I’m not sure what laws are for tinting in Hamilton, Ontario but 45% was fine. I’de suggest just asking the guy. Most places will let you even do limo tint and darker if you sign a waiver. Here’s a good video that will show you the difference between the different shades. So ya make the right choice and obviously go check out that window tinting contest on facebook so you get $100 voucher if you live nearby.