About My Site

Howdy, Thanks for stopping by. AND SURPRISE! My site site is all about cars. I’m your average gear head and I Love working on cars. I’ve been employed by For for over 25 years working the line and and looking forwards to retiring in 5 years to focus on my own builds. I’m more of a hot rod guy but recently I’ve actually been intrigued by what some of the major companies are doing with electric/hybrid cars with even BMW steeping into the space with not only electric power but environmentally friendly lightweight hemp. Anyways, I just write about stuff I like and my current projects so i’m sure this won’t be for every car nut out there.

It’s an exciting time for cars, technology is growing very fast in the industry and to frank I wish I had a few million to really see what’s out there…so Ferrari if you’re reading my blog YES I’de be happy to review 2016 Ferrari 488GTB for as little as a test drive 🙂

Choosing which brands to write about is always a bit of a challenge. I have some friend that wish I would always write about Mercedes and some who swear by Porshe but I’ll cover anything that catches my eye and hopefully get my phone’s camera working properly so I can share some images from  cars shows. As you can maybe tell Ferrari is my favourite make of car and there’s nothing Ford can do about it…maybe in ten years technology will change all that but the quality and craftsmanship of the ferrari has stood the test of time.

If you would like to share your project or get in contact with me, please go over to my contact page and drop me a line.